The manufacturing company "Zagotprom" is a Russian enterprise dealing with gathering, mechanical and electronic cleaning of the wild berries in the Republic of Karelia. Karelia is a unique region of the Northern Europe with large territories of precious forests where northern berries - cloudberries, blueberries, lingonberries, cranberries - grow. Since the ancient times the traditions of the manual picking of the wild berries have been common in Karelia. Our republic is a leading region in wild berries gathering in Russia.


The reserved nature of Karelia gifts berries all useful properties that can give the northern taiga forest, clear water lakes and streams.

Our mission is to save these natural gifts and to pass them to people.

Picking berries in Karelia is a traditional family matter whose secrets are passed down through the generations. Our long experience of processing products, modern equipment for cleaning and freezing berries, as well as an extensive network of harvesting, combined with a responsible and honest attitude to business give a unique technology to save benefit and taste of wild berries.

The company "Zagotprom" has operated in the berry market since 1999, and today having its own line of cleaning berries, modern refrigeration complex  and facilities consisting of two cold rooms with total area of 10,000 m3, production base in close proximity to the federal highway "Cola "(487 km in the direction  St. Petersburg-Murmansk), confirms its status as one of the leading Russian operators of quick-frozen berries and mushrooms.

Berry products of our company differs really decent quality. We put the maximum safety of vitamins and minerals, such as anthocyanins in blueberries, organic acids in cloudberry in the understanding of product quality. We achieve this result through electronic clearing of  berries and shock-freezing of product.

At the same time we guarantee a Brix high level and a low background radiation in the berries supplied to our customers. Environmental cleanliness of "Zagotprom"  products is due to the fact that we gather and offer our customers  berries grown and raised in Karelia, where there are no chemical plants, nuclear power plants and emissions.

The company "Zagotprom" offers its products to manufacturers of  blueberry extract, of  liqueurs and bitters, of berry jams and preserves. We pack fresh frozen blueberries, cranberries, lingonberry in kraftpaper bags of 25 kg, and cloudberries in blocks of 20 kg, and send to customers in strict accordance with the agreements and adherence to delivery schedules. This is one of the main principles of our work with partners that is provided with infrastructure and logistics technology of our company. At the same time we are ready to flexible terms of cooperation, and we use an individual approach to each client's request.

Benefit and strength of northern berries for you!

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